Cell Formation

Cell Formation

Product Features

Mass production equipment for the production of lithium-ion and various batteries
· High-precision and high-stability formation system
· Production management program interface
· Formation cell information provision and data analysis program
· Manual operation and maintenance program
· User defined Program provision and channel configuration
· Auto operating Jig System
· Polymer compatible Jig System


Product specification

Model Range voltage precision Current Mode Characteristic
HF0505C 2 ±2mV 0A~5A charge CC, CC/CV Discharge : CC high precision, System for high stability evaluation Convenient User Interface
HF0605C 2 ±2mV 0A~200A charge CC, CC/CV Discharge : CC Provides various analysis programs for quality evaluation and R&D
HF0505P 2 ±2mV 5A~200A charge CC, CC/CV Discharge : CC Max8Ch/Frame Parallel operation possible/600A,900A…