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HNT Co., Ltd. is doing its best for the development of customers with the spirit that the development of customers is the basis of our development, and intends to contribute to the improvement of competitiveness of customers by developing and utilizing core technologies in the secondary battery field. In addition, green energy is an alternative to managing unexpected disasters such as global warming, fine dust, and nature's counterattack. In the future, it is expected that it will play a major role in the efficient use of green energy and We want to contribute to the improvement of the global environment.

In order to improve the competitiveness of customers, HNT executives and staff will use facility technology to develop rechargeable batteries and improve productivity and value. are leading. We are producing durable and competitive products through continuous R&D, and We do our best in Before Service and AS to minimize any problems that may arise. We will do our best to improve customer value and become HNT, which is essential for the future of customers.
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